About Manju Jalota

An educationist to the true core had always a ‘fire’ for designing and always wanted to be surrounded by the aura of beauty.

Designing for her was an epitome of inner grace which could transform a human and add realism and timeless dimension to an individual. She has tried always to incorporate the value of the past, merge it with the present and project it in such a manner that people always cherish it as valuable.

Manju began 18 years ago with two tailors and twenty embroidery girls in a small room at her residence in Lucknow. Her main aim has been to uplift the degenerating craft of chikan and bring it into the realms of modernity. She wanted to nurture this craft with modern ideas, recreate the romance of chikan bring out its sensitivities in forms of texture, fabrics, creation of stitches so that it reflects individuality of the wearer

About Alankrit by Manju Jalota

Alankrit is a 20 years old company. The main theme of Alankrit has been the revival of the India’s oldest craft - ‘chikankari’ and upliftement of the crafts men. Today the company has workers in forty different villages around Lucknow.

We have tried to cover the remotest village where at one time one had to wade through the rivers as there was no mode of transport. Today we have about 5000 Workers working for us. Manju Jalota holds her exhibitions by the label of Alankrit all over India and abroad. Alankrit has tried to cover even the remotest area so that the people become aware of the craft. She has played Avery vital role in the revival of the chikankari craft and pioneered chikan interms of fashion making it more glamorous.